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Wars and Conflicts of 2014

Wars of 2014


Wars of 2014—This page lists major wars and conflicts of the year 2014, many of which are carry-over conflicts from 2013 wars and earlier. Below you will find the list of current wars, along with brief explanations of what these wars are about, with links to further content.

This section also includes information on the recent authorization of airstrikes by the United States in the Iraq war with the Islamic State.


ISIS-Islamic State Fighters in Iraq -Wars of 2014

ISIS-Islamic State Fighters in Iraq 2014

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Afghan Civil War (1978-Present)-The war that Americans think of as the Afghanistan War, is actually the latest phase of a long civil war that has embroiled Afghanistan since the communist coup in 1978 sparked the first round of fighting. The Soviets intervened in 1979, left in 1989. The Taliban rose to power, invited in al-Qaida, and this made Afghanistan the first theater in the American-led Long War on terror that began in 2001.

Boko Haram Insurgency in Nigeria (2009-Present)–The Islamic fundamentalist group Boko Haram continues to wage a war of terror against the Nigerian government and against the Christian community in Nigeria. The United States, Britain, and other nations are aiding Nigeria.

Central African Republic War-(2012-present)-In this fairly chaotic conflict, various Muslim and Christian militias and rebel groups are battling in what has become a sectarian conflict. France and several African nations have intervened with troops.

Chechen War (1999-Present)–Chechen rebels continue to battle against the Russian government in the Russian Caucasus region. The Chechen rebellion has evolved into a Jihadist Muslim war on Russia and the west.

Congo War (1998-Present)–Beginning in 1998, Congo (Kinshasa), has been wracked with civil war, rebellions, presidential assassinations, and foreign interventions and invasions. As one rebel group falls apart or fades away, others rise up to continue to plague this chaotic nation. Over the years, multiple African nations have sent troops to either aid the government or to aid the rebels. The United Nations currently has a large military force in eastern Congo in an attempt to restore peace.

Crimean Annexation by Russia (2014) Pro-Russian separatists in the Crimea agitated for separation from Ukraine. Russia invaded Crimea (a largely bloodless campaign with very little actual shooting), and separated the Crimea from Ukraine. Russia has since annexed the Crimea.

Gaza War 2014 (2014)-The long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict erupted again, as Hamas (which controls Gaza), escalated its rocket campaign against Israel. The Israelis responded with Operation Protective Edge on July 8, 2014. Since this new war opened up, Hamas has launched thousands of rockets at Israel and the Israelis have pounded Hamas targets in Gaza with air strikes and naval bombardment. Israeli special forces have also conducted raids in Gaza, and Hamas commandoes have crossed the border into Israel and also launched amphibious incursions from the Mediterranean. Iran is the prime sponsor for Hamas, raising concerns that Israel may strike at Iran.

Iraqi Insurgency (Post-U.S. Withdrawal-2012-Present)-This Iraqi Civil War has worsened with the surge in strength of the Jihadist Islamic State. Iran has sent military forces to aid the Iraqi government and the United States has sent military advisors.

Kurdish War in Turkey (1984-Present)–The Kurdish ethnic minority in eastern Turkey has long sought autonomy (and in some cases, outright independence), and the PKK guerrilla force has stepped up its war against the Turkish government in 2012, and the Turkish military has conducted several large-scale offensives against the Kurds.

Lord’s Resistance Army Insurgency (1987-Present)–Another example of a long-running conflict that morphs from one war and one opponent into something quite different from the original conflict. This war began as a quasi-religious uprising against the government of Uganda in the 1980s, and is now a multi-nation hunt for warlord Joseph Kony and his remaining small number of guerrillas. He and his “Lord’s Resistance Army” now ranges between South Sudan, Congo, Uganda, and the Central African Republic and is pursued by the military forces of all these nations (mostly by Uganda), and also by Special Forces from the United States.

Mexican Drug War (2006-Present)-Ongoing conflict between the Mexican government and the various drug cartels. This conflict also pits the drug cartels against each other.

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Northern Mali Conflict (2012-Present)– In 2012, the long-simmering hostility between the Mali government and the northern Taureg ethnic group exploded with the Taureg conquest of northern Mali. French forces intervened in 2013 and 2014 to retake much of the country. The rebels retreated to the deserts and mountains of northern Mali to continue their war.

Pakistan’s Taliban War (2004-Present)–Pakistan continues to battle a Taliban insurgency along the Northwest frontier with Afghanistan.

Somali Civil War (1991-Present)–The latest stage of this war pits the weak central government against the al-Qaida affiliated al-Shabaab rebels. The government is aided by the United States, and by trooops provided by Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Ethiopia, and other African nations.

South Sudan-Sudan Border Conflict (2012-Present)-Sudan has been wracked by multiple insurgencies and has undergone two significant civil wars (1955-1972 and 1983-2005), the Darfur War (2003-2011), various clashes between Sudanese nomadic tribal groups (2009-Present), and the ongoing Lord’s Resistance Army conflict that spans several central and east African nations. The largest potential conflict involving the Sudans is the ongoing border conflict between Sudan and the newly independent South Sudan over the Greater Nile Oil Pipeline and the disputed (and oil-rich) region of Abyei. There is no love lost between the mostly Muslim and Arabic-speaking Sudan and the more Black South Sudanese, who are mostly Christian and various pagan/animist worshipers. The previous two large Sudanese civil wars were between these two groups prior to the independence of South Sudan.

Syrian Civil War (2011-Present) -Ongoing civil war with various rebel groups trying to overthrow the Assad government. Iran and Hezbollah, as well as Iraqi Shiite militias, are actively fighting on the side of the Syrian government.

Ukraine Rebellion (2014) -Pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine are in rebellion against the central government. It is widely believed that Russia is providing significant assistance to the rebels.

Yemen War–This is a civil war with many fronts and many belligerents. The Yemen government is faced with a Shi’ite rebellion in the north, a separatist rebellion in the south, and an al-Qaida connected Sunni Islamist insurgency that has drawn in the United States. Yemen is one of America’s fronts in the ongoing war against al-Qaida, with frequent drone strikes against Islamist and Jihadist targets in Yemen. Several terrorist attempts against the U.S. have originated in Yemen.


Wars Involving the United States of America in 2014–The United States, officially at war on several fronts since 2001 (and unofficially, since at least 1991), is battling al-Qaida in several nations around the world, as is actively involved in covert wars in several others. America’s current wars and conflicts in 2014 include wars in:

Afghanistan–Since the 9/11 Terrorist attacks on the U.S., American forces have been actively engaged against al-Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Current plans call for the removal of most U.S. combat troops by 2015.

Iraq-While officially, America’s war in Iraq ended in December, 2011, hundreds of U.S. military personnel have been sent back to Iraq as advisors in Iraq’s current war with ISIS/The Islamic State. On August 7, 2014, President Obama authorized airstrikes in support of the U.S. advisors in northern Iraq as well as to protect the Yazidi and other refugees fleeing the advance of the Islamic State.

Iran-The U.S., Israel, and likely other Western allies are engaged in a proxy/covert war with Iran over Iran’s involvement in the wars in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. As warfare between Israel and Hamas escalates in 2014, the likelihood of a hot war involving Israel, Iran, and the U.S. remains strong.

Syria-As 2013 begins, U.S. and allied pressure on the Assad regime continues and it is well-known that the U.S. is aiding the anti-Assad rebels. President Obama in 2014 has called for more overt U.S. aid to moderate rebels in part to counter the growing power of the ISIS/Islamic State forces who also fighting Assad, but also are combating the more moderate rebels and the Kurdish forces in the northeast of Syria.

Libya–After the successful military intervention in Libya in 2011, continued American involvement in Libya hit the public eye with the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi and the death of four Americans, including the U.S. Ambassador to Libya. The U.S. is actively involved in hunting down missing weapons in Libya and in supporting the new Libyan government. In 2014, U.S Special Forces have undertaken raids to capture suspected Jihadi militants. The U.S. is also aiding the Libyan government in its struggle with various militias.

Mali–The U.S. is providing aid to Mali and the French-led coalition forces fighting the Jihadi rebels in Mali.

Somalia and the Horn of Africa–The U.S. and many other nations continue to engage in anti-piracy operations off the Somali coastline. These operations at times result in military engagements with the pirates, up to and including rescue operations inside Somalia itself. Besides the anti-piracy operations, the U.S. is also involved in Somalia due to the continuing Shabaab War. The U.S. funds and trains Ugandan, Burundian, Ethiopian, Kenyan, and other African forces who are actively fighting in Somalia to aid the weak central government against the al-Qaida affiliated al-Shabaab rebels. The U.S., over the past few years, frequently launches drone attacks, Special Forces raids, and naval attacks on al-Qaida targets in Somalia. There is no reason to believe this will change in 2014.

Pakistan–The U.S. has been using remote-controlled drones to attack Taliban and al-Qaida strongholds in Pakistan since 2004. Conservative reports put the death toll in Pakistan from these drone attacks at a minimum of 3,000.

Philippines–Since 2002, U.S. Special Forces have been aiding and training Filipino forces in their ongoing fight against al-Qaida affiliated Islamist rebels in the southern Philippines. These rebel groups include Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiyah. In 2009, two U.S. Special Forces troops were killed by a roadside bomb. While officially engaged in only training missions, it is highly likely that U.S. troops are more actively engaged.

Yemen–Yemen is one of America’s fronts in the ongoing war against al-Qaida, with frequent drone strikes against Islamist and Jihadist targets in Yemen. Several terrorist attempts against the U.S. have originated in Yemen. In 2014, the American Drone Campaign in Yemen has intensified, and has overtly aided the Yemeni government’s military offensives against rebels.

As events develop in the ongoing wars of 2014, this page will be updated.

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