General George Armstrong Custer


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General George Armstrong Custer

General George Armstrong Custer

General George Armstrong Custer


George Armstrong Custer (December 5, 1839 – June 25, 1876)

George Custer is best known for his disastrous defeat at the Battle of the Little Bighorn, also known as "Custer's Last Stand." Prior to this infamous defeat, Custer was known to the American public of his time as a hero of the Civil War and a renowned Army commander in the unsettled frontier.

Military Career of George Armstrong Custer:

1861: Graduated from U.S. Military Acadamy at West Point

1861-1865: American Civil War

First Battle of Bull Run

Peninsula Campaign

Battle of Antietam

Battle of Chancellorsville

Gettysburg Campaign

Battle of Gettysburg

Overland Campaign

Battle of the Wilderness

Battle of Yellow Tavern

Battle of Trevilian Station

Valley Campaigns of 1864

Siege of Petersburg

Indian Wars:

Battle of the Washita

Battle of the Little Bighorn

The links and other sources on this page are to help in your research on this fascinating American army general.


Published Works:

My Life on the Plains: Or Personal Experiences With the Indians --Custer's personal memoir of his military life.

The Custer story;: The life and intimate letters of General George A. Custer and his wife Elizabeth

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Internet Links on George Custer

Court Martial of George Armstrong Custer, The--From the U.S. Army's web site. A fascinating look at how primary sources can be accessed on the web.

George A. Custer and the Battle of the Little Big Horn

George Armstrong Custer Biography--

General George A. Custer - This site is dedicated to all of those who have an interest in the life and times of General George Armstrong Custer and the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

General George Armstrong Custer - information and links on General Custer, battlefield photos and more.

Gen. Terry's Written Orders to George Custer - These instructions have been at the center of an ongoing debate as to whether or not Custer disobeyed Terry's orders.

Little Bighorn Cover-up--An article on Custer's last battle and some possibilities regarding it.

Legend of the Garryowen-- An interesting history of the song Custer's Seventh Cavalry adopted as the official Air of the regiment in 1866.

Garryowen--Lyrics for the original song as well as those written for Custer's 7th Cav.

Harper's on the Custer Massacre --An article from Harper's Weekly on the Little Bighorn Battle. From 1876.

The New York Times on the Battle of Little Big Horn----An article from the New York Times on the Little Bighorn Battle. From 1876.

Major Reno's Account of the Battle of Little Big Horn--Major Reno's report to the Secretary of War on July 5, 1876.

Books By George Armstrong Custer and Elizabeth Custer


Books About George Armstrong Custer


Movies and Videos About George Armstrong Custer


Print Sources

1. Ambrose, Stephen E. Crazy Horse And Custer: The Parallel Lives Of Two American Warriors. New York: Meridian Books. 1975.

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3. Viola, Herman J. Little Bighorn Remembered: The Untold Indian Story of Custer's Last Stand. New York: Rivolo Books. 1999. Click Here for Book Review.

Biofiles -Biography pages of people who impacted the United States and American history.

L. Paul Bremer--American diplomat who served as head of the head of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq from 2003 to 2004.

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Dr. Benjamin Rush-- Signer of the Declaration of Independence, member of the Constitutional Convention, noted physician and ardent supporter for the abolition of slavery

Thomas Nast-American political cartoonist

General George Armstrong Custer-- Famous American Cavalry officer who died at the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876.

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