William Howard Taft:

U.S. President and Chief Justice


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William Howard Taft:

U.S. President and Chief Justice

William Howard Taft holds a unique position in American political history. He is the only Presidnet who also served on the U.S. Supreme Court. He was America's 27th President as well as the Chief Justice of the the U.S. Supreme Court. He also holds the record for weighing in as the heaviest Commander-in-Chief at 300 pounds.

William Howard Taft

President William Howard Taft

William Howard Taft (September 15, 1857 – March 8, 1930)-President of the United States and Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Taft was the only person to hold both of these very important government positions. He was also a member of Ohio's politically powerful Taft Dynasty.

Poltical Career/Connections

Party Affiliation: Republican

1887-1890: Member of the Ohio Supreme Court

1890-1892: Solicitor General of the United States

1892-1900: Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit (Nominated by President Benjamin Harrison)

1901-1903: 1st Civil Governor of the Philippines

1904-1908: United States Secretary of War (Appointed by President Theodore Roosevelt)

1906: 1st Provisional Governor of Cuba (While also serving as Secretary of War)

1908: Republinan nominee in the Presidential Election of 1908

1909-1913: President of the United States

1912: Republican nominee in the Presidential Election of 1912 (Lost to Woodrow Wilson)

1914: Founded and became first president of the League to Enforce Peace. This organization called for the formation of an international "league of nations" to work for world peace.

1917-1918: Co-chairman of the National War Labor Board between (during World War One)

1921-1930: Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court (Appointed by President Warren G. Harding)


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