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About That Image of Captain America Punching Hitler

Let’s talk about this image of Captain America punching Adolf Hitler for a minute…

Captain America Punching Hitler from Captain America Comics #1
Captain America Punching Hitler from Captain America Comics #1

Cap’s creators were both first generation Jewish-Americans. Joe Simon (birth name Hymie Simon) and Jack Kirby (birth name Jacob Kurtzberg) created Captain America and the first comic book featuring the “Sentinel of Liberty" hit newstands on December 20, 1940.  The cover image was provocative. It featured Captain America fighting the Nazis and punching Hitler in the face!  Keep in mind, this was a highly political move by Simon and Kirby, for the U.S. would not enter World War Two until almost 12 months later!  The 

At that time, the American Nazi party was a big thing back then. In a 1939 rally at Madison Square Garden in New York, 20,000 American Nazis showed up.  Amid this atmosphere of hate, these two Jewish-American sons of immigrants gave the proverbial bronx cheer to Hitler and his American stooges by having their blonde and blue-eyed hero come out swinging against Hitler.  Following the publication of this comic book, American Nazis sent hate mail to Simon and Kirby, and started hanging out around the comic book company’s offices as an act of intimidation. New York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia arranged for police protection for Simon and Kirby.  

Captain America has always stood for liberty, justice, and America’s ideals. Remember that he is the ‘son’ of two immigrant’s sons who were part of a threatened religious minority who took a brave and dangerous stand against intolerance, fascism and evil.