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The History of American Political Parties

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This page is designed as a resource for on the history of America's political parties. More links and content will be added in the future, but for now we have links dealing with the Democrats, Republicans, Federalists and the Whigs.
N & O: Elect to Connect: History of Political Parties-one of several articles on the election process.


The Democratic Party

(Originally known as the Democratic-Republican Party)

Politics and Political Campaigns: Democratic-Republican Party 1794-1826--Informative article on the original version of today's Democratic Party and their history.

Politics and Political Campaigns: Democratic Party 1834-Present--Informative article on the Democrats and their history.

Democratic National Committee: Party History--The Party history as presented by the Democratic Party.


The Republican Party
Politics and Political Campaigns: Republican Party 1884-Present--Informative article on the Republicans and their history.

History of the Republican Party--Part of the Arizona Republican Party website.

Historical Election Results-- This page shows the Presidential election results with the electoral votes since 1789.


The Federalist Party
Federalist Party-- Good article on Federalists, with links to major Federalist personalities.

The Federalist Party--Encarta article

Grolier Online: The Federalist Party--Grolier Encyclopedia article.

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The Whig Party

The Whig Party-- Article from Encyclopedia.com

The American Whig Party- Part of a fascinating web site devoted to Jacksonian America.

Politics and Political Campaigns: The Whig Party 1836-1852--Informative article on the now defunct Whig and their history.


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