Geronimo, Apache Warrior and Chief


North American Indian Wars
Including wars involving the British, Americans, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Mexicans

British Colonies/United States

Apache Wars

  • Apache War (1860-1865)
  • Apache War (1876-1883)
  • Apache War (1885-1886)

Black Hawk War (1832)

Cayuse War (1848-1855)

Cherokee Wars

  • Anglo-Cherokee War (1758–1761)
  • Chickamauga Wars (1776-1794)

Creek War (1813-1814)

King Phillip's War (1675–76)

Little Turtle's War (1786-1795)

Lord Dunmore's War (1773)

Mariposa War (1851)

Modoc War (1873)

Mojave War (1858)

Natchez Revolt (1729)

Navajo War (1863-1864)

Nez Perce War (1877)

Paxton Riots (Dec. 1763)--Pennsylvania

Pequot War (1636-37)

Ponce de Leon's Florida Expeditions

  • 1st de Leon Expedition (1513)
  • 2nd de Leon Expedition (1521)

Pontiac's War (1763-1769)

Powhatan War (1607-1646)

Red River War (1874-5)

Rogue River Wars (1853)

Seminole Wars

  •     First Seminole War (1817–1818)
  •     Second Seminole War (1835–1842)
  •     Third Seminole War (1855–1858)

Sheepeater War (1879)

Sioux Wars

  • Grattan Massacre (Aug. 19, 1854) --27 U.S. soldiers killed in a clash with the Brule Sioux.
  • Spirit Lake Massacre (March 8 & 9, 1857)--Attacks by renegade Wahpekute Sioux (15 warriors) in killing 35 to 40 settlers in Iowa.   Last Indian-White warfare in Iowa.
  •  Sioux War (1862-1864)
  •  Red Cloud's War (1866-1868)
  •  Sioux War (1876-1877)
  •  Messiah War(1890-1891)

Snake War (1866-1868)

Susquehannock Wars

  •   Susquehannock War (1643)--The colony of Maryland vs. the Susquehannock Tribe (which was given arms by the settlers of New Sweden).
  •   Susquehannock War (1675-1676)--The colony of Maryland vs. the Susquehannock Tribe

Tecumseh's War (1811-1813)

War of Jenkins' Ear (1740-1743)

Yakima-Rogue War (1855-1856)

Yamasee War (1715-1716)

Yuma War (1851-1852)

Listing by European/North American Nation

Spanish-Indian Wars

  • de Soto's Expedition (1539-1542)--Spanish expedition led by Hernando de Soto which traveled from Florida through Georgia, the Carolinas, Alabama into Arkansas and Texas, raiding Indian villages along the way.  The largest battle of the expedition was at Mabila (present-day Selma, Alabama).
  • Narvaez Expedition (1527-1528)
  • Pueblo Rebellion of 1680
  • Mescalero Apache Uprising of 1795–1799
  • Pima Revolts --Pima Tribe vs. the Spanish in Sonora and southern Arizona.
  • The Yuma Revolt (1781)

French-Indian Wars

French and Indian Wars -The generic name given to the series of conflicts listed below. All four wars involved the French and their Native American allies against the British and their Native American allies. The wars ended with the British victory over the French and the subsequent takeover of French North America by the British.
1. King William's War (1689-1697)

2. Queen Anne's War (1702-1713)

3. King George's War (1748)

4. French and Indian War (1754-1763)


Beaver Wars (1642-1698)

Fox (or Mesquakie) Wars (1711-1733) -France and the Chippewa Tribe vs. the Fox Tribe




Dutch-Indian Wars

Kieft's War (1643-1645), also known as the Wappinger War, The war is named for Willem Kieft, who was the director general of New Netherland at the time.

Esopus Wars

First Esopus war (1659-1660)

Second Esopus war (1663)

Mexican-Indian Wars

Miwok-Yokut Raids into Mexican California (1830-1840)

Yaqui Indian War (1899-1904)

Indian and Native American Treaties with the United States   

Treaty With the Sauk and Foxes 1804

Treaty With the Sauk and Foxes 1832

Treaty with the Apache, July 1, 1852

Treaty With the Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache; October 21, 1867



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