Thor and Captain America Superbowl Ads Disappoint

The two commercials shown on the Superbowl broadcast for Marvel Comics upcoming Thor and Captain America movies failed to impress this Marvel comics fan.  While true comics and superhero aficionados like myself and likely readers of this post  (True Believers, in the words of Stan “the Man” Lee) no doubt will flock to the theaters to see these movies, the casual fan, or the football fan who saw the ads today, were left with a big “Huh?” feeling if they saw these quick and short Marvel Movie ads.


As a big fan of the Avengers, and of Captain America and Thor in particular, I eagerly awaited my first “official” look at the movie trailers.  What I saw on Superbowl Sunday left me worried about Marvel’s (er, I mean Disney’s) marketing people, and whether or not they understand how to make an ad that will draw in non-comic geeks.  The Thor advertisement was way too short, too quick, with scenes that flew by with the speed of Mjolnir itself.  That is good if you are looking to smack Loki upside the head, but did not provide any depth, information, or plotlines to the fan who may not already be into the Marvel Thor mythos. 


The Captain America ad was slightly better, a bit more understandable, but again, the scenes flew by like a red, white, and blue spinning shield.  I think I caught a glimpse of the Red Skull, but it could have just been a guy who laid out in the sun too long.  Again, anyone not overly familiar with Cap the character, may think his actual name is Avenger, not Captain America.  His actual name was shown for .25 nanoseconds (Quicksilver sneezes slower than that!), and again, it leaves far too little information in the minds or the retinas of the football fans who saw the ad.  On the good side, football fans (I am one, after all), do generally like movies with explosions and guns, and the ad did show some of that type of action.  The best look at Cap’s famous shield did so sans red, white, and blue colors or the famous Cap star.  Come on!


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