Wayne of Gotham Book Cover

Wayne of Gotham: A Batman Novel Reviewed

Wayne of Gotham Book Cover

Wayne of Gotham Book Cover

Wayne of Gotham: A Novel, is a full-length novel written by Tracey Hickman. Published in December of 2012, Wayne of Gotham is a book takes an original look at an older Batman (not explicitly said, but he seems to be in his mid-fifties), and the “real” story of his father, Thomas Wayne.

As a long-time Batman fan, I rate this book as a resounding OK. Not great, not bad, just OK. My main peeve is the writing style. Hickman uses far too many narrative descriptions of things like the Batmobile, the Batsuit, the BatCave,and so on. This makes the prose boring and makes it difficult for the reader to stay interested. I found myself flipping through pages of dull narrative description to get to the meat of the story. Having said that, though, the plot itself is interesting. We have an older Batman, an older Joker, and plenty of references to other villains and characters. The relationship between Bruce Wayne, Alfred, and how their fathers interacted is quite interesting. The villainous plot is original, and the revelations about the past lives of Thomas Wayne and Jarvis Pennyworth (the aforementioned fathers), is well done.

An interesting point that I would like to mention is the homage to the old Golden Age and Silver Age Batman stories and characters that Hickman inserted into the story. Curious about some of the characters I was unfamiliar with (Lew Moxon in particular), as well as some of the events in the “flashback” sequences, I dug out my Encyclopedia of Comic Book Heroes: Batman – VOL 01 (Original Encyclopedia), and looked up Lew Moxon and some of the events described. Lo and behold, Hickman used “real” characters and events from the “real” past of Batman comics. I liked that part very much.


While clearly, this story cannot be part of DC’s Batman Canon, (it changes far to many past details in Bruce Wayne’s life), it is an interesting read for fans of the Batman. Overall, this is a worthwhile read for Batman fans, I can recommend it.

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